Argument from Inconsistent Revelation (AIR), although this is my own version. P1 – Internally inconsistent claims are always false. P2 – All epistemological claims to a God are through divine revelation. P3 – Given (P1&P2) Any divine revelatory statement, that makes a claim to a God, is internally inconsistent. Conclusion – Given (P1&P3) God does […]

Philosophy of Transgenderism – Birth and Plurality

Introduction to the argument “You weren’t born that way!”, a simple statement but used ad nauseum in opposition against several different issues.  And it’s not just transgender people which this argument is mainly used against. I mean we could bring up other issues, such as racism, immigration, classism, even feminism and women’s rights. But let’s […]

Argument from Contingency – Theologica37

Introduction This is going to be a response to Theologica37 and his video entitled Arguments from Contingency: Thomistic/Leibnizian. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsEvxew8YOs Theologica37, which from this point on I’ll be referring to as Theo, puts forth the argument from contingency as he uses both Leibniz and the Thomistic versions of the argument. The argument from contingency goes […]